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AI Producer
AI Instructional Designer
AI Content Creators
Is ready to help you envision the concept of your course.
It takes into account your brand, and your audience to suggest the most engaging and effective learning strategies.
Is here to ensure your course is sound pedagogically right. It will help you design the course structure, create engaging assignments, and ensure your content aligns with your learning objectives.
These agents will assist you in creating course content that is not only informative but also engaging and written in your unique style. With their help you can even create your digital twin and automate the video production.

Your Team of AI Agents for Course Creation

AI assistants will help to create a course with you:

  • Content Recycling

    Analyzes your previous works, communication style, interests, and areas of expertise to tailor a unique course creation approach.
  • Generate ideas

    Keeps up with current trends and generates course ideas that align with your interests and expertise
  • Organise Structure

    Assists in organizing and structuring your courses 10x more than manually, suggesting optimal division of material into modules and lessons.
  • Create Content

    Generates lesson drafts, self-check questions, video scripts, and other course content in minutes!
  • Getting feedback

    Collects and analyzes student feedback and ratings, identifies potential issues and areas for improvement
  • Continuously Improve

    Based on the feedback of your listeners - offers the improvements in structure, subject themes, material presentation.

AI Assistants for online course creation for teachers, trainers and coaches worldwide

  • Create your ideal course from scratch or use existing materials to kickstart the process. Our advanced AI algorithms automatically generate a course curriculum based on your educational outcomes.

  • Save time and effort with our AI-powered curriculum generation. No more manual planning - let AI CoPilot do the heavy lifting.

  • Ensure your course content aligns with your educational outcomes. AI CoPilot helps you select assignments that best match your goals, enhancing the learning experience for your students.
  • Whether you're a coach or a professional looking to enhance your brand and expertise, we are here to assist. CourseFactory AI CoPilot will help you generate a course plan based on your ideas.

  • Deliver high-quality, impactful courses that resonate with your audience. AI CoPilot helps you select the most relevant content and assignments, ensuring your course is engaging and effective.

  • By delivering top-notch courses, you'll boost your reputation, attract more learners, and grow your brand.
  • Easily integrate AI CoPilot with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS). Simplify the course creation process and enhance the quality of learning.

  • Improve your team's efficiency. With AI CoPilot, your course creators can focus on high-value tasks, leaving the routine work to our AI.

  • Deliver consistent, high-quality learning experiences across your organization. AI CoPilot ensures your courses align with your educational outcomes, leading to the better learning experience.




What our customers say
  • Dr. Waldemar A. Pförtsch

    "It is really great, super helpful!"

  • Ann Marie Keech
    Instructional Designer
    "I thought the learning objectives were well-crafted and the outline was helpful."
  • Ashley Chiampo
    Chief Learning Officer
    "Thank you. One of my team members did try out your tool. I think he enjoyed it!"

Revolutionize your online course creation with our AI Assistants

Steps to Fast Course Prototyping

Don't waste time creating content and assignments. Our tool helps you to automatically generate content based on your course ideas.
Share your course plan with others, get their feedback, and make improvements.

When you're ready, you can export your entire course to your preferred Learning Management System (LMS) with just one click.
With a single click, you can translate your course into another language, adjust it for different teaching formats, or adapt it to cultural differences.

Create your course quickly and easily with AI CoPilot, designed specifically for teachers, trainers, and coaches around the globe.

Export your course easy

Automate the Creation

Adapt it to Diverse Needs

Step 1: Creation
Step 2:
Validating and Launch
Step 3: Continuous Improvement

Easy integration with popular LMS

Start creating your course curriculum 10 times faster without compromising quality!
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