Transform Your Knowledge into a Profit Source: Create an Online Course with the
AI Creator Starter Pack:

Automatically create your course structure, learning outcomes and assignments.
Facilitate the performance of routine tasks in the course creation process with AI algorithms
Make the course production process more efficient
  • month-long AI CoPilot subscription
  • two consultations with an Instructional Designer
  • one meeting with a seasoned Producer

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We know everything about online courses.
Our team has created over 200 courses, with more than 150 designed specifically for Coursera. Our courses have reached over 3 million learners worldwide, earning an average rating of 4.8+.


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Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise?
Want to create an impactful online course but don't know where to start?
We've got you covered!

The blend of our innovative course creation tool AI CoPilot and 3 personalized consultations with industry experts who've launched successful courses on Coursera and edX.
Unleash your teaching potential with CoPilot and expert consultations

What our customers say
  • Dr. Waldemar A. Pförtsch

    "It is really great, super helpful!"

  • Ann Marie Keech
    Instructional Designer
    "I thought the learning objectives were well-crafted and the outline was helpful."
  • Ashley Chiampo
    Chief Learning Officer
    "Thank you. One of my team members did try out your tool. I think he enjoyed it!"

Why Choose

the Course AI CoPilot?

  • One-Month CoPilot Subscription:
Get access to CoPilot, our course creation tool. With CoPilot, you can design your course structure, lesson plans, and learning materials, all while incorporating the best pedagogical practices.

  • Three Expert Consultations:
Benefit from three personalized consultations with our experts - one with a seasoned producer and two with an instructional designer. They'll provide you with insights and guidance to fine-tune your course and maximize its impact.

  • Overcome the Blank Page Syndrome:
Starting a course from scratch can be daunting. With our Starter Pack, you're never starting from zero. Our tool, CoPilot, along with expert guidance, provides a solid foundation, helping you overcome the blank page syndrome and kickstart your course creation process with confidence.
Ready to Start Your Course Creation Journey?
Our Promise
We promise to empower you to design your course effectively.
By the end of your AI CopPlot experience, you'll have a well-structured course, comprehensive lesson plans, and learning materials, all tailored to your subject matter and audience.

Forget about
out-of-date content
Effortlessly refine your course based on feedback.
Our automation tools are designed to help you quickly locate and regenerate specific course elements, allowing you to adapt your content to meet your learners' evolving needs.
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